Canada Post Mailbox

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The Canada Post Mailbox was a week-long project that took a look at current mail systems, and creating a future system that can tackle a few simple problems.

The mailbox had to be wall-mounted, accept mail easily, and be easy to empty by postal workers.
Our group decided to tackle the problem and add a few personal challenges.
We wanted to fulfill all the criteria, as well as use as few pieces as possible, and use this as an opportunity to take the post-box into a slightly futuristic modern aesthetic.

We used cardboard to mimic the process of sheet-metal bending, and decided on a birdhouse-like design that allowed easy access for customers, protection from rain and snow, and easy access for the postal worker to empty the mail into their bag by opening the door on the under-side.  The unique mail-slot opening also helped to deter theft via it’s angle of access. We managed to get the design down to 2 pieces; the front  and a piece that wrapped from the top, along the back and up the bottom.

This short project was a very fun exploration in user experience, as well as pattern-making and sheet-construction.