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A study in minimalism.
My daily carry consisted of 8 Major items:
4 cards (credit, debit, drivers licence)  (8.5cm L x 5.4cm H x 0.28cm D)
1 bus pass/student card (9.2cm L x 6cm H x 0.14cm D)
3 Twenty-Dollar Bills ([folded lengthwise] 7.8cm L x 7cm H x 0.06cm D)

Based on the need I set to designing a wallet that could carry these items in the smallest package as possible.
I started with the smallest item the credit card. Instead of stacking the cards in seperate pockets increasing their surface area, I stacked the cards in a single pocket. The small number of cards meant that organization was not a problem, and by stacking  on top of each other rather than  offset, you eliminate  cards breaking/snapping overtime.
Next, I folded the bills in half, to match the size of the cards.

I then looked at access priority.
I used my cards about twice as often as cash or buspass.  This meant that having organization and seperate the 2 classes of objects was needed. I folded over a single rectangle of leather to create a pocket the exact dimensions of the widest(buspass) and tallest(cash) objects. I then put a slit on the front of the leather to hold the cards. Because of the natural stretching and molding properties of vegetable tanned leather, the slit-style pocket will stretch to fit your carry.

Using a few  dimensional parameters I was able to create the smallest wallet possible with vegetable tanned leather.
Since it’s initial creation in July 2012, it has become one of my top-selling leather items, and one of my favourite designs that I still carry with me everyday.